The BIG Difference


At this point we feel that we will be unable to hold our Spring Session. Spring Session was going to be 10 weeks, and we are going to try out a 10-week Summer Session. The Summer Session would start June 20th and run through August 29th and will be the same cost as Spring Session was. We will not send any invoices out until we are sure of a start date, and will prorate based on how many weeks we are able to have. With that being said, over the next couple weeks a member of our staff will reach out to everyone who registered for Spring Session regarding registering your children for a specific day, time, and instructor for the Summer Session. Once we have a firm start date, we will open registration to everyone who wasn't registered for Spring Session. We can't wait to be back in the pool again, surrounded by smiling faces!


Little Stokes is extremely grateful to announce that we applied early enough and were awarded a loan through the Paycheck Protection Program. "The Paycheck Protection Program is a loan designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll. The Small Business Administration will forgive loans if all employees are kept on the payroll for eight weeks and the money is used for payroll, rent, mortgage interest, or utilities." All Little Strokes staff will receive their full paycheck for the next eight weeks! How's that for some good news?!?!

Little Strokes Staff Support

We are humbled to share that one of our beloved swim parents has created a GoFundMe for Little Strokes Swim Academy. The funds raised will be given to staff of Little Strokes Swim Academy to help them through this tough time. We truly appreciate this gesture beyond what words can say. Please share if you feel comfortable doing so. It was hard for us to accept that we are at the point of needing this gesture of absolute kindness and generosity. We are realizing now more than ever that the community we grew up in and call home needs us to still be there when this is over. It is our duty to provide safety to the children and adults of the Waunakee area through professional swim instruction.

How Can We Help?

In this trying time, many people have reached out to see how they can help out our family business. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for those of you that have gone above and beyond to support us! For those of you that might still want to help, here are a few ways we can make sure the pool will be back in action when this pandemic is over:
- Call or email us to purchase gift certificates for upcoming sessions. Gift certificates can be created in any amount and are good for lessons, open swim, pool parties, water aerobics and swim team.
- Tag or mention us on Facebook, send us an email from your kiddos, or simply send good thoughts our way.
- Request a make-up lesson instead of taking a credit for missed lessons.
- The most crucial thing that everyone can do for the time being is to STAY HOME and follow the guidelines!!

Here are some ways that Little Strokes is trying to help during this historical time. We are doing shout outs to several businesses, teachers and people working on the front lines to fight this virus on our Facebook page. We are continuing to donate to area schools as they will need more help than ever next year. We want to be here to keep your children safe when this is all behind us, and with the help of the entire community, we will all get through this!

Thank You!

We've said it a thousand more times and it still won't be enough - Thank you! Thank you to our swim families for paying in full despite not having any lessons to show for it, for sending cards and well wishes to our instructors, for the Facebook posts wearing Little Strokes t-shirts, for creating and sharing the GoFundMe campaign to support our staff, and for the outpouring of supportive messages. The love we've received so far has been overwhelming!

Little Strokes Swim Academy was created to provide a fun environment for children and adults to learn to swim safely. The safest precautionary decision we can make right now is to prolong our break between sessions, and close temporarily until April 3rd. During this time, we will continue to perform a deep clean sanitation of our facility. Swim lessons, swim team, open swim and water aerobics will resume on April 4th with normal hours. We will be adding make-up lessons to accounts for the missed lessons, and extending our Spring Session into the planned break before Summer Session starts.

We realize the impact this will have on our staff and our swimmers, but it is of utmost importance to protect the community we live in. Little Strokes would like to take this time to thank all of the members of our community that are working hard to keep us safe and healthy. With that being said, our Winter and Spring sessions are our bread and butter - we live off of the income from those sessions for the rest of the year. Winter and Spring sessions have not been kind to us this year, with closures due to the air handler malfunction, the power outages, and now COVID-19. Our business interruption insurance does not cover pandemics. While big businesses will be able to take this hit and recover, small businesses like ours might not. We cannot offer online classes, we cannot move our business to takeout/delivery, we cannot implement social distancing in the pool, we cannot work from home, and we cannot provide instruction anywhere else.

Other businesses have found ways to still continue their income stream during this time, but we simply cannot. If you are able to make-up your missed lessons later on, or skip or delay taking a credit for any closed classes we would really appreciate it. We are trying our best to keep our business going during this unexpected closure, but it is becoming increasingly harder and harder. Being a valuable community member, Little Strokes has given back to that community over the past 15 years through silent auction donations, supporting our local schools & fun runs, sponsoring community activities such as Live From The Park, and donating time and money at community events. We now ask for your support as we have supported our community in the past.

From all of us at Little Strokes Swim Academy, we thank you for your trust and continued support. Stay safe, stay healthy, and we can't wait to see everyone back in the pool shortly!

If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us at LittleStrokesSwim@Gmail.com.

Bill & Rachel Tygum

For years the basic standard of teaching swimming answered only to the system designed and executed by the Red Cross. However, the top-tier swimming that is found at the competitive levels has evolved well beyond what this system has to offer its students. The cutting-edge fluid mechanics of the strokes that are so readily evident in the Olympic competitions are lost upon this system of teaching. The techniques that the Olympians use, however, are every bit as applicable and useful to a two-year old as they are to a top level athlete, and as a benefit, the more a child understands about how to move efficiently in the water the safer he or she is. Bearing these things in mind, the answer becomes clear: change the system of instruction to reflect the latest understanding of what is the most efficient way to swim.

Founded by former athletes and coaches, Little Strokes has effectively done this with a unique progression system developed from years of teaching, combined with Little Strokes open secret: the most experienced and qualified instructors in the business. Being able to boast teachers who are themselves; athletes, coaches, and teachers, means that the instructors not only have the tools to teach the science of swimming, but the fundamental understanding to realize its potential in every child.